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A Dining Set Size Guide: Finding the Perfect Fit

Choosing the right dining table and chairs isn't just about picking something that catches your eye. It's a delicate balance of weighing up the size of the set, the number of people you want it to seat, and the space you have available. In this guide, we'll dive into the world of dining sets, discussing the trade-offs, and exploring the challenges associated with different approaches. So, whether you're eyeing a dining table set, corner dining bench, or round table and chairs, let's break it all down for you.

The Shape of Your Space

One of the most critical decisions when selecting a dining set is the shape of the table. There are various options to choose from, including round, rectangle, oval, square, and extendable tables. Each shape has its own advantages and considerations:

Rectangular Dining Tables

For most households with rectangular dining rooms, it makes sense to have a rectangular dining set. This is especially ideal for long and narrow rooms as it efficiently fills the space. If you often host large gatherings, a rectangular table is your best friend. It exudes a more formal feel, making it perfect for special occasions.

Square Dining Tables

Square tables work best in smaller spaces, offering an intimate dining experience. They are perfect for square dining rooms. However, they may not be the best choice for long, narrow spaces, as they can disrupt the flow of the room.

Round Dining Tables

Round tables are space-efficient and work well in smaller areas since there are no edges to bump into. They provide a more informal dining experience without any head of the table. We recommend limiting the number of guests to 6-8 for a comfortable dining experience. Any more, and your guests might feel far away from each other.

Oval Dining Tables

Oval tables blend the best features of both rectangular and round tables. They excel in narrow, long spaces and give the illusion of taking up less room than a rectangular table. Oval dining tables are perfect for casual dining as they don't have the formality associated with the head of the table.

Extending Dining Tables

Extending tables allow you to add extra width or depth when needed. They are a smart solution for daily use and can be expanded during the holiday season when you have extra guests.

Modern Dining Table Shapes

How Big Should Your Dining Set Be?

The size of your dining set depends on how many people you intend to dine with. Here's a general guideline:

Ensure that each seat has at least 60cm of space for a comfortable experience. Keep in mind that dining chair sizes can vary, so double-check their widths.

The Impact of Dining Chairs

Dining chairs can significantly affect how many people you can seat around the table. Cantilever dining chairs are typically slimmer, making them a great choice when you want to maximise seating. Other chair types, like carver dining chairs with arms, can be wider, so consider this when planning your dining set.

6 Seater Modern Bench Dining Set With Grey Chairs - Ceramic Marble Dining Table

Space Matters

The size of your room plays a crucial role in selecting the right dining table. A comfortable dining experience requires ample space for people to move around the table. We recommend leaving a clearance of at least 90cm on each side of the table. To determine the total space required, add this clearance to the size of the table.

Using Space Efficiently

If you're dealing with a space crunch, consider a corner dining bench. Corner benches can be tucked into awkward corners and seat up to 8 people when paired with just three chairs. They tick all the boxes: they look stunning, use space efficiently, seat a good number of guests, and create a social and intimate dining experience.

Deco Ceramic Marble Corner Dining Bench Set Teal Grey LR3

Choosing the right dining set size is a balance between your personal preferences, the number of guests you plan to host, and the space available. It's about finding that sweet spot where functionality meets aesthetics. So, before you make your decision, consider the shape of your room, the number of guests, chair options, and available space. Read about the 5 most asked questions about Corner Dining Bench Sets.

For a wide range of dining table and chair collections and mix-and-match options, feel free to explore our offerings. If you need personalised advice, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for guidance.

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