About us

From product design to aftersales & support, we take care of as much of the process as we can to ensure that our quality standards are met

Big but Little

A real family business since 2004, seamlessly combining the expansive with the intimate. From our modest beginnings, we've become a reputable specialist in exclusive luxury furniture for the modern home & garden. Despite our growth, the heart of Quatropi beats with a family-oriented spirit, ensuring every piece exudes warmth and connection. Welcome to a world where big meets little, and quality meets family.

Design Sourcing & Prototyping

Our design process is a testament to uniqueness. We collaborate closely with manufacturers, crafting bespoke creations from scratch or tweaking existing designs to birth something distinct. Off-the-shelf is a rarity; we strive for originality in every color, line, and form. Yearly, we unveil fresh, exclusive products sourced from both familiar and novel suppliers.

Manufacturing & Shipping

Quatropi = Quality. We ensure top-notch quality by crafting samples pre-production, guaranteeing satisfaction. An experienced Independent Inspector upholds our high standards, ensuring the excellence Quatropi is known for after years of collaboration.

Photoshoots & Warehousing

We pride ourselves on authenticity, from in-house product shoots featuring our team and family as models to naming ranges after staff kids like 'Mikey' and 'Arlo.'

With Steve leading photography and Jay and Matt managing the warehouse in the Midlands, we handle everything internally, ensuring quality and personal touch from shoot to shipment.

Marketing & IT

Our team crafts and manages our website in-house for a tailored online presence. Creativity fuels our strategy; every design and development reflects our desired vibe. The guys ensure the right people see our products, utilising in-house systems for efficient operations, amplifying product reach and impact.

Sales & Customer Service

Our dedicated sales team is always at your service, whether you're dialing in or chatting online. They're your go-to experts for all things product-related—whether it's details on finishes or ensuring the perfect fit. Expect personalised assistance every time you reach out, ensuring a smooth and informed experience.

The Quatropi Showroom

If you visit our showroom, you'll greeted and showed around by a member of the team. Click here for more information about showroom visits

Delivery & Aftercare

Sam leads our planning, ensuring our dedicated team delivers nationwide. With 4 in-house drivers and additional couriers for swifter service, we prioritise timely deliveries. For aftercare, Lyndon is at your service. We value feedback, good or bad, aiding us in refining our offerings and supplier relationships.

Customer Showcase

Check out how our stylish customers are styling their modern furniture. Just tag #lovequatropi or @quatropi_furniture on Instagram for a chance to feature!