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The quilted back carver chair is style and comfort combined

The 1649 Quilted Carver Dining Chairs just ooze designer luxury; when you pair the sleek quilted upholstery design feature with square, taped brushed steel legs, you've got yourself a truly stylish seat. Our 1649 Quilted Dining Chair offers contemporary, crisp design without compromising on comfort. These dining chairs really are an ideal seat if you are looking to add designer luxury alongside long-lasting comfort in your dining area. 

The 1649 dining chair is quilted across the entire back. It's this elegant stitching detail that really heightens the designer look and feel of the seat. Upholstered in a high quality comfortable padding, the use of dense foam makes this chair extremely comfortable. All the family will want to stay chatting round the dinner table for longer. They are currently available in a lighter elegant grey, sleek charcoal grey, mustard yellow and cool petrol blue.

The fabric is soft, almost velvety to touch, available in either a fashionable mustard yellow, sleek charcoal grey or trendy light grey and petrol blue. The 1649 dining chair is soft, durable and easy to clean with something as simple as a damp cloth. The stylist brushed steel tapered legs make the dining chair an exceptionally contemporary and modern dining chair. It's a stylish design element that can be coordinated with other finishes in your existing interior, really helping to enhance the look of your kitchen or dining space.

The Carver Dining Chair

Carver dining chairs are traditionally designed with arms, creating what a lot of customers consider to be a more comfortable seat. Whether you choose to invest in one for the head of the table, or buy a whole set of carver dining chairs, you can be sure that the 1649 carver dining chair will make a statement.

Traditional Carver Dining Chairs

Nowadays if you attend a dinner party at someone's house, you will generally find that their dining chairs are armless. This is the option that most households will steer towards. Alternatively, for those of you that are looking for a more classic ambience in your dining room, our carver dining chairs are just the thing you are looking for.

Some households also like to mix and match when it comes to choosing armless dining chairs or carver dining chairs. It has often been traditional to have a carver at the head of a dining table with armless dining chairs at the sides. Some people like to have a carver at either end of the table, whereas others prefer to just have the single carver dining chair at the head of the table, utilising it for the head of the family or the leader of the team to sit at to signal their authority over the room. As that mentality has begun to fade in the modern age, people opt to have carver dining room chairs more so in order to give their dining room a more traditional style with a little extra character.

Why Choose Carver Dining Room Chairs?

As well as the styling factors to consider when deciding between carver dining chairs or armless dining chairs, there are also the functionality elements to consider. Depending upon the size of your house and the age of the people living in the house, carver dining room chairs may or may not be a more effective choice of dining room chair.

Carver dining chairs are an especially useful option for houses that have older people living with them, for instance if you are furnishing a house that your grandparents are going to be living in. If this is the case then carvers are a great option to have as they can help to assist people that have issues with their knees to get up out of their chair easier by giving them a helping hand (or helping arm in this case!). Carver dining chairs do however take up more space due to the added width that the arms provide. Therefore, it is advisable that you pay careful consideration to how compact your dining table is going to be as you will need that extra breathing space to comfortably allow people to get in and out of their chair when sitting at a full table that uses carver dining chairs. To browse our complete collection of dining chair styles, see our dining chairs page, while also browsing our 1649 Dining Sets for even further inspiration on carver dining chairs and more. 

Did you know we also have matching 1649 bar stools? 

With the 1649 carver chairs being so popular, we had to introduce the matching bar stool range. Available in all the same fabulous colours, you can now bring the same comfort and style into your breakfast kitchen or bar. 

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