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Why choose a Ceramic Table

There is a lot to consider when choosing a dining table, let alone the upkeep of the tabletop surface. Luckily for you, at Quatropi, we are always investing in high-quality materials that not only look amazing but work for everyday life. Ceramic dining tables rank high in terms of luxury design and robustness - ceramic tabletops give you the best of both worlds, offering the beauty of a marble top, without the high maintenance.

Still not convinced? We've put a list together of the benefits of owning a ceramic dining table. Read on to find out how your day-to-day life can be made a little bit easier with a ceramic dining table. 

Easily Washable

Ceramic tables are highly resistant to stains, so don't be afraid to get messy! Unlike other popular tabletop materials, you can rest assured that paint, food, drink, and other substances that you would typically have palpitations if they were any near your table surface, will unlikely stain a ceramic tabletop. In the event that there is a big spill, you can remove fresh stains with a bicarbonate soda and water solution - just wipe off with a wet sponge or cloth. 

Scratch Resistant

Ceramic doesn't require much protection, these tabletops are very resistant to scratches! There is no need to fret if someone drags dishes and cups across the table, throws keys down, or even chops food using your sharpest knife. Ceramic is extremely durable, making it less prone to scratches and stains than natural stone, like marble. 


Not only is ceramic easy to clean and sanitise with standard household cleaners, but ceramic is also water-proof which means bacteria and mites have no chance of nesting on its non-porous surface. Why does ceramic have this amazing trait? At the beginning of the production process, the ceramic mass consists of a very fine powder that is almost completely free of moisture, called atomised powder. The exceptional force used to press the powder and the very high firing temperatures give the ceramic a remarkable compactness that makes it a non-porous material with an almost zero water absorption rate, and therefore always perfectly washable.

Very Durable

It's no coincidence that we are still finding centuries-old ceramic artefacts that are perfectly intact, it is because ceramic is very, very durable. As well as being very shock-resistant - able to take the hardest of bangs from dropped items or clumsy hands. Ceramic tables are heat and acid resistant, so hot plates can be put directly on to the tabletop, and acidic ingredients and substances can be spilled without causing a problem. 

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