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Fuss-Free Furniture: Weatherproof Garden Furniture

In a previous blog, "Why Choose Aluminium Garden Furniture?", we touched on how aluminium furniture is the best choice for outdoor furniture in terms of upkeep requirements and durability. In this blog, we'll discuss how we've gone that extra step further in not only creating garden furniture with premium aluminium but also in designing it in such a way that makes it totally fuss-free.

Weatherproof Luxury Garden Furniture


Fuss-Free - What Do We Mean?

An important consideration when buying outdoor furniture is how you plan on storing it, if you plan on storing it at all.

Pretty much all of our luxury garden furniture uses aluminum as the structural foundation, meaning it will stand the test of time even while being exposed to the elements. Many of our ranges feature intricate design features like fixed fabric parts, typically premium outdoor rope woven into the frame, creating a sense of warmth and comfort. All the materials we use are designed for outdoor use and are capable of withstanding years of UV exposure and light rain showers. However, they do need to be covered or stored away during heavy downpours; otherwise, the fabric parts will get wet. While they are designed to dry quickly, it may still take some time before they can be fully dried and used again.

If you're the kind of person who doesn't want to have to constantly cover your garden furniture or worry about it getting caught in a sudden rain shower (this is the UK, after all), then you need to check out our list of fuss-free, weatherproof garden furniture compiled in this article.

Fuss-free furniture is designed to be left outside all year round in any weather conditions. There are no fabric parts that can get wet, which means it can be used as soon as the sun comes out after rain.

Note: The cushions on the furniture are not waterproof, but they are all removable so they can be stored away during wet weather.


All Weather Garden Sofas

Being able to get outdoors and relax on your luxury garden sofa whenever you want to is a fabulous feeling, these outdoor sofas don't have any fixed fabric parts so you can get out and relax on them at any time, even after a heavy downpour as they don't have any fixed fabric parts that can get wet or damp.

Garden Sofas
Ada Our Ada sofas are built on thick aluminium frames, the back rests and arms slot into position, offering extra customisability. The sofa frames are completely weatherproof, just store the cushions when not in use. Weather covers are included to help keep the frames clean.
Arlo The Arlo sofa collection looks like wood but it's actually full aluminium. Completely weatherproof, this sofa collection also doesn't require any assembly, it arrives fully built with welded frames instead of nuts and bolts. Covers are included for extra protection against dirt, debris and other outdoor nuisances.
Mia The Mia sofa collection also features our wood-effect aluminium, with log-style frames for a more rustic touch. This collection also arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Remember to store the cushions when not in use. Covers are included.
Zara Our Zara garden sofa collection is our luxury over-sized modular sofa range. The aluminium frames arrive fully assembled and are completely weatherproof. The deep-seated cushions are not waterproof and should be stored away when not in use. Covers are included for extra protection.
Alfie Alfie is one of our most popular modular garden sofas, with full aluminium frames that require assembly. Like all of the sofa frames in this list, they can be left outside, uncovered all year round. Weather covers can be purchased for additional protection from the elements.
Freddy Our Freddy sofa collection offers sleek style with full aluminium 2 and 3 seater sofas with armchairs that do require some assembly. They can be left outside all year round but they do come with weather covers to help keep it clean. We advise storing cushions when not in use.
Darwin The Darwin garden sofa sets come with a 3-seater sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table. The sofa set is crafted from aluminium with poly-wood accents that are also completely weatherproof. Covers are included with this set too, and the cushions should be stored with not in use.


Weatherproof Outdoor Dining Chairs

Fuss-free dining chairs are a sure way to make alfresco dining even more relaxing. Don't worry about fabric parts that are damp from rain the night before, or the hassle of chair covers. Here's a list of our weatherproof outdoor dining chairs.

Garden Chairs
Mia These chairs arrive fully assembled with welded aluminium frames - no nuts and bolts to come loose over time. The frames are fully weatherproof. Just pop the cushions on when you want to use them, even if it's right after a heavy rain downpour.


Dining Tables Designed for Outdoors

If hassle-free outdoor dining is important to you, pair the dining chairs above with our weatherproof garden dining tables for the ultimate fuss-free garden dining set!

Garden Tables
Star This is our very stable, full aluminium outdoor table collection that can also be found with our wood-effect aluminium finish. Leave it uncovered all year round and it will be absolutely fine, it might just need a wipe down to clean any dirt that might have landed on it, or use the included covers to keep it clean. You'll find them paired with most our of luxury garden dining chairs in our Garden Dining collection.
Sun For a more socialable dining experience, our round Sun table collection is a great option. Full aluminium, available in a choice of colours and sizes. You'll find them paired with most our of luxury garden dining chairs in our Garden Dining collection.
Portals The Portals garden table collection feature ultra-durable marble-effect ceramic tops for a show-stopper outdoor dining set atop a full aluminium frame. These tables can also be left outside, uncovered all year round. Ceramic is scratch, stain and heat resistant. You'll find them paired with most our of luxury garden dining chairs in our Garden Dining collection.


All Weather Sun Loungers

Everyone knows that when the sun starts shining in the UK, you've got to make the most of it. If you're looking for sun loungers that can be used moments after any rain downpours, check out this list.

Sun Loungers
Cayman Our Cayman loungers are built with a full aluminium frame with a textilene base - all fully weatherproof. The textilene base means that they can be used with or without the included cushion which is great for the temperamental British summer when you need to get out there quickly to make the most of the sun.
Bella Bella is our rattan sun lounger collection for the more traditional outdoor decors. The rattan base can be uncovered all year round, just be sure to store the cushions when not in use. Covers can also be purchased to help keep them clean.
Deck The Deck sun lounger collection is our most luxurious lounger range, featuring an impressive aluminium base that boasts expert craftsmanship that is built to last. The loungers arrive fully assembled with premium cushions - keep them stored away when not in use.
Marbella Our Marbella sun lounger is the stripped-back, minimal lounger that we've designed to complement any garden decor. The standout feature is the luxury foam cushion, supported by a premium aluminium frame that can be left uncovered all year round.
Ocean A cushioned lounger that can be left uncovered all year round? Our Ocean loungers feature deep, luxurious cushions expertly upholstered in Sunbrella Performance Fabric that is mould & mildew resistant and bleach cleanable. The cushions can be removed if you want to store them.
Kiawah Built on an aluminium frame, our Kiawah sun lounger collection offers an artisinal touch, the base is adorned with a unique rattan weave that transports you to a tropical paradise. The materials used are all fully weatherproof, simply store the cushions when not in use.


Fuss-Free Garden Egg Chairs

Egg chairs are a family favourite garden addition and even better when they are full weatherproof and fuss-free. Here's our garden swing chairs that can be uncovered all year round. 

Egg Chairs
Bali Adorned with our signature weatherproof bamboo rattan design, the Bali egg chair collection can be outside and uncovered all year round. The egg chairs can be ready to enjoy just moments after any rain, plus weather covers are included to help keep them clean. As with all of our furniture cushions, we recommend that these are stored away when not in use.

Explore our full garden collection and transform your outdoor living experience with a luxury aluminium garden furniture set and elevate your space to new heights of comfort and style.


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