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Our Garden Chairs: A Deep Dive into our Luxury Collections

With so many garden chairs to choose from, finding the perfect seating option for your garden table and chairs set can be really difficult at times. That's why we've created this useful guide to our complete collection of outdoor dining chairs, use it to find chairs and dining sets that fit your budget, maintenance expectations and other garden decor.

Exploring Our Dining Chair Collections

This table provides an overview of all our outdoor dining chairs and the traits that make them unique. Keep reading for a further explanation of what each of the headings means in detail.

Collection Price Fully
Mia 💷 Fully Welded Frames Aluminium These are Completely Weatherproof Colours Match Other Products
Verity 💷💷 Fully Welded Frames Aluminium Rope Weave on Frames Bar Stools
Cole 💷💷 Fully Welded Frames Aluminium Rope Weave on Frames Sofas, Daybeds, Bar Stools
Cia 💷💷 Seat Part Attaches to Base Aluminium Rope Weave on Frames Colours Match Other Products
Sundowner 💷💷💷 Fully Welded Frames Aluminium Thick Rope Weave on Frames Egg Chairs, Sofas, Corner Benches, Sun Loungers, Daybeds, Bar Stools
Arlo/Carlos 💷💷💷 Seat Part Attaches to Base Aluminium Rope Weave on Frames Sofas
Amelia 💷💷💷💷 Aluminium Rope Weave on Frames Egg Chairs, Sofas, Sun Loungers, Bar Stools


A Deeper Understanding

Sometimes a vague heading doesn't exactly tell you what you need to know. We've added some definitions below to help you understand this breakdown.

  • Price: We offer premium dining chairs to suit any budget. This simple rating provides an idea of the price range for each of our garden chair collections
  • Fully Assembled: This indicates whether the chairs are assembled upon delivery. A ✅ indicates that the chairs require no assembly, allowing you to enjoy them right away. A ❌ means that some assembly is required, typically attaching the seat part to the base
  • Frame Material: While all of our outdoor chairs are crafted from weatherproof aluminum, we've included this information for clarity. This is especially relevant for collections like our Arlo chairs, which feature a grained wood-effect finish
  • Fabric Parts: This is essential if you're seeking all-weather garden chairs that can be left outside year-round without covering and can be used immediately after heavy rain. A ❌ indicates there are no fabric parts that can get wet, while a ✅ indicates there are fabric parts that will get wet when it rains unless the chairs are covered or stored away. All of our chairs include luxury cushions, but these are designed to be stored away when not in use.
  • Matching Furniture: Particularly useful if you want your outdoor decor to have a cohesive look and feel, this section informs you if there are other products that match the design of the chairs. For chairs that don't belong to a larger collection, we've standardised all our colours so you can still mix and match them with other products


Useful Reads

If all-weather outdoor furniture is important to you, check out our guide on Fuss-Free Garden Furniture where we highlight all our completely weatherproof garden furniture collections in one article.

We also have a guide on "Why Choose Aluminium Garden Furniture?" This article explains why aluminium is the material of choice for premium garden furniture designed to last.

Explore our full garden collection and transform your outdoor living experience with a luxury aluminium garden furniture set and elevate your space to new heights of comfort and style.


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